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Download the This 'r Nothing App Today!


To download the This 'r Nothing App, click here.


Alternatively, you can:


Step 1. Open the App Store on your phone, or click here.


Step 2. Type This 'r Nothing on the search bar.


Step 3. Download app and enjoy unlimited productivity.


Why do we charge $0.99?


The proceeds from the sales of this app will help us pay for costs incurred during the development of the app (apps are expensive to create and it cost us a lot of money), and pay for future versions of the app. When you think about it, $0.99 is a fraction of the cost of a Grande Latte at Starbucks. A Grande Latte will take you 15-30 minutes to consume, the This 'r Nothing app will bring you unlimited productivity for as long as smart phones exist (smart phone won't go away anytime soon).



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